About us

Bringing change to Education

Triobos Pace Is an Entrepreneurship started in the year 2013, the nature of the business is the information on teachers and students relations. Education between teachers and students-the ability for teachers to understand the “pace’’ between slow learners and fast learners.

“Pace” of understanding for slow learners is different from the “pace” for the fast learners.

Type of business:

Entrepreneurship – company was founded in 2013. Experience is about bringing better generation with better students in academic level of competence-need to engaging them with an interactive, media-rich content proven to be effective by third-party engagement e.g. facebook, linkedin and twitter. Our product and services through internet platform technology.

Executive Summary

For “Learning today…leading tomorrow”-No more punishment in schools we shall forget about .Because if the student gets 5% in mathematics, the positive teacher will not punish the student to achieve like any other student who got 100%.

WHY? Because the teacher understands the (passion) potential that the student has.

Is not in mathematics but may be in Biology whereby student gets 100% but not Mathematics where he/she gets 5%.

Negative teacher will always punish student with inability to achieve 100% like the other student. He/she will punish student but only to torture the student psychologically. Student will be mentally insecure or (paranoid) instead of secure or (intuition).

Our Mission

We provide universal access to the world’s best education.

Enable information on teachers and students relations-Academic performance for their future positive attitude in every area, in order to create a Better world. Support systems utilized in face book, LinkedIn and twitter advertising and promotion- or any other media platform.

Our Vision

In 20 years time from now we need better living environment, by doing research in different areas we do work with people.

“Learning today…leading tomorrow”: Parents + Teachers =Students; (Aspire + inspire = expire)–before the student expire or (die) what kind of legacy will he or she leave behind.