Career Focused Training

We must stop viewing education purely as an academic venture.

Each learner possesses a unique set of gifts and intelligence.  It is these innate abilities that are realized through school work and later in careers and future life.  Example a student who has difficulties with precise verbal expressions may be gifted in non-verbal expression.

 A teacher has vocal on the need for education in situations to identify and develop talents in learners.  Most in speeches need to remind other fellow teachers about nurturing the intelligence which each student is blessed with.

Two Types of Intelligence

Linguistic and logical – Mathematical while scant attention is paid to musical, bodily, personal and kinesthetic intelligence. Sadly large number of learners falls in this letter category.

An ideal education should provide opportunities for the exercises and assessment of all types of intelligence – Good number of world’s accomplished innovators were never academic geniuses; in mind is the legendary computer expert Bill Gates of the Microsoft Corp – teachers must cease to view education as a narrowly academic enterprises.

It is sad that our education system only prepares learners for the next academic phase rather that a terminal training for future life.  Many are the creative minds who offer from your and sometimes class eight, can comfortably sustain their livelihood – Think of some actors, musicians, cartoonists, illustrators, painters and sports people, they only deserve encouragement and motivation rather than being forced to score high grades in academics which might be hard to achieve.

Teachers should begin thinking seriously about how they can support all categories of learners to have their talents in preparation for life after school.  The school must furnish parents with information which gives a true picture of the abilities of their children.