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For students, it takes great teachers doing what they do best in the classroom and the leadership of a great principal. But given the extraordinary challenges that our students face, it often takes more than that. Too many of our students, especially those in our highest need neighborhoods, face circumstances far beyond their control. Violence, gangs and poverty are relatives that our students have to navigate before they even walk on to campus and well after they leave. These factors cause students to lose focus on their studies, or worse, limit what they think they can achieve for themselves.


Educational Benefits Of Movies:

Movies are mostly seen as tools for entertainment purposes. Most parents think that their children are addicted to movies and may be wondering if they have any educational benefits on them. Some parents have always criticized the move of using movies as a teaching aid in schools. The total rapture is a good movie that explains about the rapture. Now to answer the question can movies offer education benefit? Benefits of watching movies 1. Increasing Memory Performance One of the ways of achieving this is by repetition. It may be exciting to repeat a lesson on a topic. However, when the same lesson like history is put in the form of a movie, the students can easily repeat the movie without getting bored. When exams come, the students can easily relate what they saw to the questions being asked and so get the answers right. 2. Deepens Understanding Using a single method of teaching may not make the students get a deeper understanding of the lesson. Movies can be joined with other methods forming various teaching modalities. Movies may make a certain point easy to understand since they tend to engage all the senses which deepen one’s understanding. 3. Dual Coding This occurs when the students read a book or are taught in class then they watch a movie narating to what they have been taught. This is what dual coding is all about. It brings better and easier understanding of the lessons being taught. This, in turn, makes them act better. 4. Adds Fun to Learning All work with no play makes jack a dull boy. So, when the lessons lack fun, they tend not to be understood by the students. Adding movies to the class work makes the students entertained which finally increase their motivation to study that subject. It also increases their interest in the subject. For them to act better on that subject, they need to be interested in it. 5. Creates Awareness Some movies are made to raise awareness on the social issues affecting the society as a whole. Some of the issues being addressed include economic, social and even cultural. People need to know and like such values. They also get to know the quality and like what people are going through or what they went through to get to where they are now. Movies play a major role in the delivery of these messages to people.



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