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How to become a life mentor:

Love helping others? Ever considered becoming a life coach? Our friends and lifestyle mentors Kirk and Kim Duncan are telling us how we can do just that! Uncertainty and difficult times cause stress for people, and they can lose confidence and self-esteem, limiting their ability to function. People get stuck, and they don’t know how to activate their motivation, their thinking, and then they get lost. Mentors and coaches make a difference in the level of direct and specific help that they can bring to a person’s life. You can learn how to be a mentor and help others build belief, and confidence. You can use your knowledge and experience to mentor others anywhere in the world. MYTH #1 – “I can’t be a Mentor” I don’t know anything. TRUTH – You can be trained on how to help others problem solve. You can learn how to teach people to improve their life. MYTH #2 – “Becoming a Mentor is expensive” TRUTH – Training and Education is affordable because it is online. You don’t have to travel and you can learn from home. The benefits of being a Mentor are rewarding and fulfilling for them and for you. You PERSONALLY will learn skills that you will use for a lifetime to help in every situation in your life. Art of Mentoring online live webinars takes place June 18-20. To register, visit

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