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How to make your skills marketable:

Skills are abilities which an individual has acquired over a course of time. Having a skill is sure a good thing but knowing how to effectively use your skills to get something in return is quite the best. Don't you think? Let's look at ways to get your skills rolling in something in return for you. Foremost, your skill must be in demand. A host number of people are failing in this aspect, you must ascertain whether the skill you have is what people actually need. Is it being demanded for, if not ,you better wise up!. People will only come to you if you have something they want. Another one, make your skill flexible. This one have grounded a lot of people. They have skills but won't fine tune their skills to meet up with the daily changes. Sir, be willing to add new changes to your skills, it gives you a better edge in the competitive market. Learn everyday and improve your skills the more.It makes untouchable! Again, be value driven. Your skill must be able to serve excellence for you to get your reward. The secret of wealth has been always in people. Seek to invest in people, you will rule. The aim of your skill should be to add value, to provide solutions to problems, then can you expect something in return.

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