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Tips on how to improve your children Academic performance:

Education remains the greatest gift a parent can't give to their children, as such it is the desire of every parent that their children to perform well in their academics. Being a parents, you are obligated to involve yourself into your children’s academic life. That’s why early education can bring lots of benefits to your children. As adults, it can be completely baffling these days why children might readily pick friends, video games or social media over studying. An average Nigerian parents think that today’s youths are unmotivated and entitled, but the truth is that they are just different and interested in different things. Nevertheless, if as a parent you do your responsibility, you can assist your children to be better in their academic also ensure they have a appealing future ahead of them. I will love to share 4 simple tips which you can use to ensure your children perform excellently in their academics 1. Provide them with good foundational education Early education is more important now than ever before. The world is evolving so fast the advent of Globalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), smart gadgets and appliances, robot workers and many other things in the last few years are seriously changing the workforce and education, so you need to give your children a good academic background. Having a good mastery of the English language is especially important, so ensure to sign up your children for classes. There are classes that teach phonics for children to enable them to acquire a good base that will allow them to become fluent speakers, good readers, and careful listeners in the future. 2. Build a bridge of communication with your children parents , learn to be patient, understanding and helpful when dealing with your children’s education, but it should not end there. so as to effectively connect with your children and allow free communication about the school, ensure you are up-to-date about their school activities. Hence, you should know when the next PTA meeting is holding, open day, be in the parents’ WhatsApp group or other groups and lots more. You can also find out about information about upcoming events, learn about staff, study the school calendar familiarize with your children's class teachers as well. This way, when you communicate with your child, you will be current thus be able to provide just the appropriate help. 3. Make doing homework appealing with rules Homework encourages out-of-the-classroom studying, helps with practicing important skills and knowledge, and improves a sense of responsibility and work ethics in children. All of these benefits of homework will come in handy once your child or children grow older. It is right if you don’t want to treat studying as a punishment, there needs to be some rules that will reinforce good habits and homework. One of the most effective ones is “when you” rule. After your child finishes the work, they can get a reward as this creates a positive vibe with learning and studying. For instance, you can say, “When you finish your homework, you can go watch cartoons.” Once you come up with some rules related to studying, ensure to stick to them. 4. Create a good study environment for them A comfortable and peaceful studying environment can make your children’s study sessions a lot less unpleasant. Make sure every child has a study desk, good light source, and all necessary supplies at arm’s reach. Distractions should be at a minimum while setting timers for breaks can also help. Do you have other tips? which perhaps you use with your children please kindly share them us in the comment section this way other parents would benefit from you as well. Thanks.

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